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Bravely go where few have gone before!

The excitement and adrenaline felt when you come face to face with a lion for the very first time is something you will never forget. But after you get up close and personal with a Great White shark there will be no doubt in your mind which animal is the true King of the Animal Kingdom.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junky looking for the ultimate thrill, or a shark enthusiast with a real desire to learn more about these wonderful creatures, this is for you. 
The experience will take you to new highs but also fill you with awe and respect for the greatest predator on land and sea, Carcharodon carcharias, the great white shark.  False Bay, at the tip of South Africa is the world’s premier spot for great white sightings. Ideal water temperatures and a more than plentiful food supply of around 60,000 Cape fur seals make perfect breeding conditions for these glorious specimens. 

Great white sharks found in this area vary from 3m (10 feet) to 6m (20 feet) in length, and could weigh up to 2000 kg (4400 lbs.) – that's twice the weight of your car! With an excellent chance of seeing sharks, you are in for the dive of a lifetime!
Stepping over the side of the boat into the most infested of shark infested waters may leave you shaking in your booties, but relax! You are in the hands of seasoned professionals for a truly breathtaking experience, a personal one-on-one with a great white shark.

All caged shark dives take place in carefully controlled conditions. Stepping onto the dive platform of the boat you slide through the opening at the top of the cage. The lid is then securely closed. Once in position, you will only be half a metre below the surface. A freeboard allows you to rise to the surface and communicate with your Dive Master, while the hatch remains securely closed.

Only qualified divers are allowed entry to the cage. Even though this is a simple and shallow dive, you are in the company of a wild animal and will be making use of scuba equipment. 
Safety is our primary concern so a DiveMaster keeps constant watch over you and the cage. 
You are now in the domain of one of the most powerful, gracious and poorly understood animals on earth! A truly humbling experience and one that you will never, never forget!


Exhilarating and unforgettable as it is to share the water with these incredible animals, the experience of ‘getting close’ is also available to non-divers. 
Sharks frequently swim at the surface and cruise around the boat offering great views and photographic opportunities from the deck of the boat.

Flying Fish

Although you are in the wild there is a good chance you will get to see one of the most extraordinary animal behaviours ever witnessed by man – a great white shark in ‘full-flight’! 
Watching a 20-foot shark weighing in at anything upto 4400lbs leaping out of the water like a salmon navigating its way up stream will leave you breathless! The sharks, starting at depth ambush their favourite prey, the Cape fur seal as they swim at the surface. The great white strike their unsuspecting prey with such power and force that with an explosion of froth and spray the entire body of the shark leaves the water. Leaping gracefully or twisting and cart-wheeling violently through the air, with the unfortunate seal securely in its vice-like jaw, the shark hits the water and is gone. Possibly the most spectacular and electrifying display of animal behaviour and hunting technique in the wild!

What else can you see? 

South Africa’s oceans are famous for their abundance of marine life and even though we are on the lookout for sharks it should be no surprise that you are bound to see much more.
In late winter, False Bay is a haven for southern right whales and we have sightings on almost every trip. Brydes whales, bottlenose and Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphins are often present and of course seals abound. Their playful nature makes them a treat to watch. There is also great bird life. Cormorants, gannets, gulls and penguins are seen everyday. 

And now for something new  - The Deep Blue Predators

If cage diving with the great white left you wanting more, then why not try free diving with the mako and the blue shark! These rulers of the pelagic zone are found 15 to 40 nautical miles south of Cape Point in the warm, clear blue water of the Agulhas current. With visibility up to 30 metres and water temps exceeding 23 degrees C, the mako and blue shark can be seen in the raw wild, without a cage! Using sound equipment we attract these masters of the deep to the boat where you can either view them from the comfort of the deck or if you are sufficiently qualified, dive in the company of your dive master.While mako and the blue sharks don’t have the bulk and sheer presence of the great white, they more than make up for it with beauty!
The deep blue teems with life here and the sharks are not alone. Yellowfin tuna and their smaller cousins the longfin are often seen, as well as a multitude of pelagic birds. Whales, dolphins and seals are also regularly encountered.  While we wait for the sharks you can also try your hand at big-game fishing for tuna - with the option to tag and release them.
 Book your Great White Shark cage diving holiday in South Africa now.

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