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Lake Malawi a.k.a. lake Niassa has been selected by UK Diver Magazine as one of the Top 10 must see must dive destinations in the world!

Lake Malawi is the eighth largest and one of the deepest lakes in the world situated between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania in Africa. The lake is a massive 560km long, 80km wide and reaches a depth of 700m.

The biodiversity of this magnificent lake is astonishing with close to one thousand species of freshwater fish, that’s more species of freshwater fish than are found in Europe and North America, combined. 

Experience one of the world’s most unique diving destinations, water temperatures are warm and visibility is crystal clear, almost aquarium-like.

Browse through our diving holiday packages or let DiveWild tailor make your scuba diving holiday vacation to Lake Malawi /lake Niassa in Mozambique.

Scuba Dive Lake Malawi Scuba Dive Lake Malawi Scuba Dive Lake Malawi

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