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Scuba Diving Yacht

The beauty of staying onboard a liveaboard dive yacht is the ability to be able to dive the parts that others cannot reach! 

From a yacht you are able to visit a great many more sites and dive many more times than would be possible from a traditional shore based resort. A yacht is generally able to moor up close to the dive sites, delivering you and your gear right to the heart of the action. There’s no more ferrying you and your kit back and forth for each dive – a liveaboard offers you a real flop over the side and swim with the dolphins kind of convenience!
Although there is no doubt that a live aboard dive holiday is probably the ultimate choice for a dedicated diver, there are some points to take into consideration.
On most liveaboards around the world, clients are confined to the boat for the duration of the holiday, probably not touching dry land between embarkation and disembarkation. Some people love the "away from it all" experience, but others, no matter how luxurious the boat might be, may find it confining and claustrophobic. Liveaboard holidays are all about reasonably intensive diving, often without the chance to take part in other sports or experience the local life and culture in the region you are diving. Finally, the diving on most live aboard holidays is fairly advanced. The sites visited tend to be more exposed to both weather and current and also tend to be in deeper water where excellent buoyancy control is required. This means that for the less experienced diver a liveaboard may not be the best option.
DiveWild strongly feels that we can offer far more than this on an African liveaboard safari.


While continental Africa continues to receive international acclaim and recognition for its immense cultural diversity, the rarest of animals and areas of outstanding natural beauty its oceans have virtually been ignored. But with extraordinary marine documentaries such as Sir David Attenborough’s critically acclaimed ‘The Blue Planet’ and Discovery Channel’s “Air Jaws” - the world is starting to realise that the African coast, from the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean to the kelp forests of the Atlantic is one of the richest, most biologically diverse marine environments on earth.
Along a coastline stretching for thousands of over 5000 km’s there are literally hundreds of large and small tropical islands that stretch from the Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, south to the startlingly beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago in Southern Mozambique.  In between this are the quite literally, undiscovered islands of the Querimba Archipelago and heading east there is the Bassa Da India coral atoll and the islands of Madagascar, Reunion and the Comores. 
This entire region of the Indian Ocean offers some of the best, most undiscovered diving on the planet!


A liveaboard in Africa is a unique experience!

Unlike many liveaboards around the word clients are not just confined to the boat - not touching dry land between embarkation and disembarkation. We offer a unique combination of diving, cruising, sailing, island hoping, exploration and cultural interaction and discovery.
We don’t just offer intensive diving holidays where there is no chance to take part in other sports or experience the local life and culture in the region you are diving. 
Of course the dedicated diver can dive to his hearts content but there will always be the opportunity and time to enjoy a whole host of other sports from deep-sea fishing to water-skiing and sea kayaking. 
DiveWild offers liveaboards in some of the most exquisite regions of the world, among some of the most fascinating unique and oldest cultures on earth. It is important that you get to experience, taste, smell and touch - up close and personal, these cultures, traditions and peoples who have not changed in hundreds of years – afterall it is this that has preserved these regions as the Undiscovered Untouched & Undived that they are today! 

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